Eastern Healing vs. Western Medicine – No judgement either way.

I have been on my own healing journey for a number of years now.

In that time, I have been profoundly touched by the teachings of yoga, meditation and developing my own sense of spirituality separate from the dogma of Catholicism that deeply troubled me growing up.

Later, as I continued on my healing journey I came to appreciate the inter-connectedness of the universe but first I needed anti-depressant medication.

In 2005 when I first became sick, I knew something was wrong but I had no idea how deeply debilitating mental illness could be. I could not function and no amount of “snapping out of it” or talk therapy was going to work. I had a wonderful psychiatrist who prescribed me Effexor XR and to date, it has helped me save myself more than once.

Within about a month of taking Effexor, I noticed that my sleep had improved significantly. The anxiety that had plagued me my whole life was different. I felt better. Therapy had also helped me in combination with medication.

I didn’t find yoga until around 2016. I felt like I had found what my heart had been missing all along, me. I wanted to get to know this person. As I immersed myself more in the spiritual community the outcome was primarily positive until I encountered what I had felt in the religious community. Judgement.

Yoga meant so much to me, yet how could I stand to take anti-depressant medication that simply masked my symptoms? What about my thyroid medication? Was my body attacking itself?

The thing is, I live in this wonderful body that I get to call my own. I know what is helpful and what isn’t helpful. Instead of judging, try listening. Try compassion. Eastern healing is not better than western medicine. There is room for both.

I did learn however, that judgement doesn’t discriminate. Neither does love.

You are spiritual enough even if you eat meat. You are spiritual enough even if you take western medicine. You are spiritual enough even if the only yoga pose you know is downward dog.

You are spiritual enough because you are enough.