Motherhood and Covid-19

I know that I am not alone, but in between the goldfish crackers, the sticky hands and the mindless scrolling it feels heavy.

There is an element of wondering if this will ever end. It has to though right? Life has to move on, things have to go back to normal. But when?

Activities are cancelled, playgrounds are closed and there is only so much I can do in a day. More heaviness.

Screen time has been at an all time high at my house. (If you are reading this, please take comfort – you are not the only one!) Limits are enforced but in between the goldfish crackers, sticky hands and mindless scrolling sometimes it just doesn’t happen, you know?

Go easy on yourself mama. The kids are being fed. The clothes are being washed and the love is still there. Things will get better. We just don’t know when.

Until then – the grilled cheese needs to be made and the hugs still need to happen. Make sure you give yourself one too.