What’s your relationship with exercise like?

Recently, I’ve done training on disordered eating and learned that compulsive exercise can exist on it’s own as symptom associated with body dysmorphia without the disordered eating such as anorexia or bulimia. And I’ve got to be honest – my Facebook is constantly blowing up with people posting videos of their workout routines, in theContinue reading “What’s your relationship with exercise like?”

2005. My First Breakthrough.

It’s been on my mind for a while to blog about what happened during the 1st breakthrough. I’ve no longer decided to call it a breakdown because to me there is a negative connotation in using the term “breakdown”. Writing about my experiences has been a sort of therapy for me. Being able to writeContinue reading “2005. My First Breakthrough.”

Problems in Families, Society and Systems

In therapy, people often come in with a presenting problem but when you dig further you soon realize that the problem isn’t really the problem; it’s the symptom of a larger dysfunction. I write this from a Canadian anti-oppressive perspective and we have to go way back to when the country was officially coined “Canada”Continue reading “Problems in Families, Society and Systems”

Lessons from Child Welfare

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while. What did I learn after almost a decade working for a Children’s Aid Society in Ontario, Canada? (These are my views and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the agency I worked for), still I think it’s important to share my takeaways as part ofContinue reading “Lessons from Child Welfare”

What inspires me?

Knowing my people have walked this earth before me…and survived, The sound of rain, A big, bright sun, shining down on ME, A cool breeze blowing through my hair, The sound of the ocean and sand in my feet, Trees taking root and withstanding the storm, Beating the odds and triumphing, Beating the odds andContinue reading “What inspires me?”

Life Lessons at 38…

As I sit down to write, I think about many of the life lessons I have learned at 38. I also think about a chat with an Indigenous friend, who explained to me that the Medicine Wheel also represents the life cycle. The idea is to progress through each phase of the life cycle whileContinue reading “Life Lessons at 38…”

Beautiful Endings

Today is my last day of in-class work. The final in-class assignment has been submitted and I am eternally grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to learn and live out my passion of Social Work with like-minded souls. This ending is bittersweet for me, as many endings usually are. I am going to miss ourContinue reading “Beautiful Endings”

The Courage to be Me.

In a society where I ask too many questions and I make too much noise, I will keep going. In a society where I weigh too much and I make you uncomfortable, Too bad. In a society where I can never work hard enough and can’t sit down to rest, I quit. In a societyContinue reading “The Courage to be Me.”

I’m onto you trigger.

Always a complex creature…because I’m the human kind. I was triggered tonight by something I had seen on Facebook. (I know, I know too much Facebook isn’t good for you). Before I delve into the trigger and reflection, I want to acknowledge that I am so thankful and grateful that I am able to recognizeContinue reading “I’m onto you trigger.”