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Recently, I’ve done training on disordered eating and learned that compulsive exercise can exist on it’s own as symptom associated with body dysmorphia without the disordered eating such as anorexia or bulimia.

And I’ve got to be honest – my Facebook is constantly blowing up with people posting videos of their workout routines, in the name of selling something usually.

There are so many layers and of course it’s not my job to judge people or formulate assumptions based on the exercise they are showing their Facebook feed.

But I want to share some of my thoughts.

Often times, it’s painful for me to watch and I will swipe through it. (And I should actually just unfollow).

I am so sick of the media glorifying female bodies looking a certain way and the only way to achieve this is through dedicating my entire life to exercise and “clean eating”. To prove worthiness.

I see women wasting away to nothing. Obsessed with getting in their exercise “for the day”, while posting about the 12 almonds they ate. Clean eating ONLY folks.

There is a fine line between self-care and damaging-self.

And I wonder, are you listening to your body? Or are you listening to the fear that says that you have to be a certain size or you will be labelled as “fat”.

Are you still getting a period?

Is it okay if you miss a workout? Do you feel guilty?

Do you have to workout even longer to make up for a missed workout?

I am just tired of seeing women wearing exhaustion like a badge of honor.

Resting is still productive. So is eating….go on grab a handful of almonds.

My hope is that rest will come. Someday.

Karla xo