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As I sit down to write, I think about many of the life lessons I have learned at 38.

I also think about a chat with an Indigenous friend, who explained to me that the Medicine Wheel also represents the life cycle. The idea is to progress through each phase of the life cycle while gleaning learning and wisdom; thereby allowing you to move to the next phase.

Through trauma and unresolved issues we can become stuck in a particular phase of our life cycle. For me (after much therapy, reading, education and work experience) I have come to understand that when we are stuck in anger or hurt we are stunted in a way that is often harmful to ourselves and to others. (Erik Erikson’s Stages of Development would also apply here nicely).

Working through my own trauma has allowed me to appreciate and understand the life lessons that they have become and I continue to work at not saying “stuck”.

I would like to share a few of the life lessons that I have learned at 38 in hopes of inspiring another and/or helping another to get unstuck. (The thing is, there are many that have walked similar paths before you…it helps to listen). Here we go:

Your intuition is a real thing. Pay attention.

Our minds and our hearts are often in disagreement. Whenever possible, follow the thing that beats in your chest.

You will be scared shitless. Taking incremental, baby steps helps.

Have faith that you are deserving of greatness. Because you are.

Don’t be discouraged if you fall backwards, it happens.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel you are healing “fast enough”.

A few may have been mentioned in a previous post How do I….heal? Part 1.