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In a society where I ask too many questions and I make too much noise,

I will keep going.

In a society where I weigh too much and I make you uncomfortable,

Too bad.

In a society where I can never work hard enough and can’t sit down to rest,

I quit.

In a society where God is man and forgiveness is only for those who are worthy,

I don’t believe it.

In a society where I am expected to sacrifice everything for you to feel important, heard and inferior,

There is no way you picked the right girl.

You know I have the capacity to blow the roof off this building and walk away, right?

I will keep going, because I have to.

Karla xo

PS. The part about “blowing the roof off this building” to be clear… figuratively. I was feeling brave while writing so I went for it. Yah me…the part about courage.