Social Media 101

Look at me, Damn it.

Dear Social Media,

I really don’t know what to think about you.

I’ve watched the Social Experiment and I agree you know how to interact with me and you know what I like. You always keep me coming back for more. I don’t hate you for it, and just so you know I can live without you. It does seem a bit unhealthy though.

Do you operate behind the scenes? Is it true that you own my pictures and my content? If I find out it’s true. We are going to have words.

There is something about your man Mark that just doesn’t sit well with me. Perhaps it’s the fact that he’s a billionaire and I’m not a fan of capitalism.

You screwed me over on one of your ads…it won’t happen again. I had to overlook that detail because it was partly my fault. I should have known it was too good to be true. And you were just doing what you’ve been designed to do.

The spill over effects of Covid-19 are mixed. You already know that people are hard-wired for connection. Screen time has been up for me, yet you will never reach the caliber of a coffee and a good book or a conversation with a close friend.

Now, I know what your thinking this letter has mostly been negative. But I do want to thank you for connecting me to all of the wonderful resources near and far. As I mentioned earlier you know what I like and that social work and self discovery are my jam. I can always learn something new thanks to you.

You’ve opened up worlds for people who would otherwise be isolated.

You’ve allowed me to be connected to people that I have encountered throughout my life. I’ve re-vitalized connections because of you.

I don’t need to see all of the body image and diet stuff though, especially on Instagram. I know I am a little late to that scene but seriously…it’s not necessary.

And this blogging thing. Well. You know Karla has lots to say. Thanks for providing a platform for me to do it on.

And Book Club has been awesome. I didn’t think that it was going to work out with Zoom because of internal differences but we are getting on just fine. It took me a while to figure out how to do a poll on Facebook – maybe it could be a bit more user friendly…just a suggestion. I am a Microsoft Word 2000 kind of girl but there is always room for growth.

So as I said from the beginning. I don’t know what to think about you because you are a mixed bag. I suppose you are kind of like a bag of potato chips.

All in moderation.

Karla xo

Published by karlaveens

Lover of life, yoga, books and deep conversations.

3 thoughts on “Social Media 101

  1. Aside from blogging, I don’t really do social media. But I do a lot of Google, so when I watch Youtube, the ads I get served are very clearly directed at me. Mildly creepy, but it is what it is.


  2. What a creative take on an issue that has (ironically) done its rounds on social media! I can relate to your experience. Even having deleted my Facebook, Instagram and others, I have ups and downs with my use of technology/devices (judging by the screen time recorded on my phone). My phone is both a productivity aide and an enormous distraction. It helps me stay connected with friends all over the world (as you point out), but it also makes me feel the most disconnected from the present. I am still trying to find a good middle ground with it all and would like to write about it in future.

    Have you read ‘The Distracted Mind’? It contains a very (scientifically) informed and nuanced discussion of our relationship with technology.

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    1. No, I haven’t read The Distracted Mind. Will check that out. For me it’s the mindless scrolling on Facebook that gets me. It’s totally unproductive. All in moderation…whatever that means πŸ™‚


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