My Light…

Burns Bright!

I have been in a reflective state since I have had the opportunity to go back to school after 10 years to pursue my Masters degree in Social Work. Being back in school has deepened my understanding and love for the profession as well as expanded my consciousness for the importance of cultivating healthy communities; and not just the communities I live in but on a global scale.

The feeling I have is one of deep gratitude for being able to be immersed in something that is way, way bigger than me.

The last few years working for a child welfare agency were starting to wear on me as the nature of this work can often do. I am grateful for my time (even amidst the pandemic) to re-charge, re-align and re-focus my energies on what the future has in store.

Being an agent of change is inspiring, deep within me. I know that once work resumes for me, the chances of falling into the trap of cynicism and burnout are likely but this break has allowed me to recognize that the need for the helping profession is vast…much, much bigger than I could ever imagine.

The possibilities are endless. I need to remember this.

As I connect and align with my purpose, I know that the universe will take care of this mama and take me wherever I am needed.

Forever indebted,

Karla xx

Published by karlaveens

Lover of life, yoga, books and deep conversations.

2 thoughts on “My Light…

  1. What an exciting new chapter ahead! Your message about finding purpose driven work really resonates with me. I hope your studies are going well so far. Please keep us updated on your path, career and otherwise!

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