On Friendship

“Friendship is the purest love”


Can you imagine living life without one of the simplest joys? Friendship. I have been grateful to have a few wonderful friends, whom I know I can pick up the phone at anytime and call.

The good ones are the ones that know the gut busting laughter, the ugly cry, and the inside jokes. The phobias, the messy house and the need for a blanket, a tea and good book. You can always feed me too.

As humans our need for connection is part of what makes life so wonderful and is intrinsically woven into our need for survival. And yet there can be so much that gets lost in translation.

In my life there have been friendships lost and friendships that no matter the distance or the time, we pick up right where we left off. These are the best.

Take note of the friendships that not only hold space for you but the ones that also celebrate your successes. True friendship should want the other to fly as high as they can go but be willing to give you a reality check and bring you back down to the ground when needed.

It’s a mutual give and take that not every friendship can withstand. To the friends in my life, that make my world a better place; I hope I do the same for you. And I hope that everyone reading this has at least one good friend.

You don’t want to leave home without one.


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Lover of life, yoga, books and deep conversations.

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